Pacific Crest Trail – August

Shot on a Nexus 6P while hiking the PCT in 2017.
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This is the result of showing up after dark to camp next to my trail family. I laid my pad on some volcanic rock in hat creek rim with my light off so I wouldn’t disturb my friends which tore some baffles and deflated my pad within a few seconds after laying down. I ended up sleeping in a flat patch of dirt down the trail with no pad. This is what it looked like after patching with some tenacious tape. I called up Thermarest and they got a replacement in the mail right away even though it was my fault. Thank you Thermarest!
Castle Crags
We went to sleep at a saddle not far from here with fires burning less than a mile away. When we woke up the smoke was settled in the valley. By the time we got to the area at the right of this photo an hour later it was so thick we couldn’t see more than 100 yards.
Endless smoke.
Crossing into Oregon with Fire Ant.
A part of my unhealthy resupply in Ashland Oregon.
We were forced to jump over 100 miles in Oregon because of wild fires. 2017 was especially bad for fires, and also the highest snow year in 30 years.
This is Timberline Lodge after hitching for a couple of days and spending some time in Bend. Smoke blocking all of the views here as well.
More fires.